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The Key To Designing Your Destiny™

Letting Go Of All Resentment and
MOVING towards a Healthier Life

Are Your Values Around Money Letting You Down, & you are Experiencing hard times?

Are you on a Roller Coaster Financially?

Are you a
Confused Parent wondering what to do next?

Are You Finding It Difficult To Cope?

Are You Holding on to long term Resentment?
Discover the impact that has on your health.

Letting go of My Resentment saved my Life.

Are Your Relationships Challenging You
- or Draining You of Your Energy?

Has your Relationship Lost its Spark?

Is Your Self Esteem and Confidence
at An All Time Low?

Fed Up with Not achieving Your Goals?

Feeling Depressed about Yopur Life -
and not knowing how to change it?

Experiencing days of loneliness?

Confused at what Direction You Are Heading?

Not Getting out of Life What You Want To?

Having Thoughts of Self Harming?

Questioning Yourself as to What is it You are Missing Out Of In Life?

Are You Feeling
Emotionally or Physically Drained?

or are you Just Wanting to
Develop and Grow more Personally

Make 2020 The Year
Making the Difference

Have 2020 be the Year Where You are
to Toxic, Harmful Beliefs, Behaviours and Habits
that are harminhg you, making you sick and leaving you
with no motivation to doing anything.


Putting it off any Longer
to join us, that will have you

Making Healthier Decisions,
creating Positive Life Changes,
Stepping out of your comfort zone
Discovering The Opportunities
That Are All around you.

Embracing 2020
as being your year
with a Purpose and Direction for better
Health and Wellbeing in ALL areas of your Life.

Identifying and Knowing
your true Identity of Who You Really Are

Loving the Authentic YOU
regardless of what other think or say.

BRISBANE. Queensland

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th
January 2020

8.30am till 6.00pm



'The KEY to Designing Your Destiny'™

Life Just Goes On, Same Old Same As ...
Having the Good Life is Just an like an Idea - Just Like a Rumour to you -
Until You Learn How To Experience Change .... and .... Embrace Some Changes and Feel It In Your Body

You don't know what you don't know - Until you Discover how and where to begin to make the changes
It All Begins With What You Are Prepared To Do To Find Out....
You update your computer software regularly , You re-organise and re-program your information
You delete out of date data and you install new software regularly.

Are you ready to delete, update and re-program
the most valuable piece of equipment you have YOUR MIND
Begin to reprogram YOUR THOUGHTS
and put them into Action

Is Your Career or Business Suffering
Because of What has been Happening in the economy with all of this new technology driven world we are living in?

Experiencing a Lack of commuication and connection
.... with your colleagues, psrtners, children, parents and friends?
Are you experiencing this kind of thing happening in your Personal Life?

Are you Ready
to Discover Some Amazing Techniques That Will Easily Support You In Letting Go of Out Of Date Data,
Clean up All Areas Of Contamination, Re-Organising Your Thoughts, Re-Programming All Of Your Old Beliefs,
Converting All Unnecessary Toxic and Contaminated Memories Into New Information

   and Experience the Joyful Feeling in Your Body of Changing

           All of your Stresses into Successes?
           Your disappointments into Opportunities?
          Your frustrations into Positive Outcomes?
          Your weaknesses into Your Strengths?
          Your fallibilities into your Most Precious Lessons?

Your resistance to addressing the stress in your life,
and its negative outcomes will disappear when you discover how to appreciate
that many of the skills and techniques that are successful in managing your stress are the very same skills
that successful people use everyday in their personal and professional life!
You can learn how to unlock your potential of amazing opportunities and experience all the possibilities of a healthy, happy, and successful lifestyle.

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th, January 2020
8.30am till 6.00pm

15 mins from Brisbane CBD
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Are you, your family and friends missing out because

You finding it hard making Decisions?
You are feeling depressed or lonely, often sad or cut off ?
You have a habit of making unhealthy or unresourceful decisions?
You have a Gut feeling and ignore it and wish you hadn't?
You follow your Heart and end up getting hurt?
You Listen to what everyone else says and then end up being confused?
Making wrong decisions Regularly - and too often?
You are a workaholic? Often ignoring your health, and family?
You  are having problems balancing your personal life and career?
You are Experiencing a lot of changes at home or work - not handling the change well?
You are frequently suffering from Headaches, migraines, rashes?
You are suffering from sleepless nights or sleeping restlessly?
You are often self doubting your own ability?
You are creating worse case scenaarios that are driving you crazy?
You are over reacting when friends or family give you feedback or make a suggestion?
Your friends or partner says that you are thin- skinned?
Can you easily switch off from work? - and relax or focus on reading or studying?
Do you smoke or drink too much?
Do you take regular medication for your nerves, depression or stress?
Do you often wonder "what is the point"?
Do you keep making excuses to not join your colleagues of friends?
Has your interest in intimacy and sex declined?
Do you often feel you are contributing your best?
Do you fall asleep in front of the TV, or when with friends?
Are you impatient and often losing control?
Do you regularly turn off when others are talking to you?
Are you bored with your friendships or relationship?

Does Any of the above sound like you?
Come and join us and discover how you can make the right deciisions for you -
that will work for you, increase your confidence and allow you to discover your true Authentic self,
feeling comfortable being who you are regardless of what others think or say,
enjoying your life doing what you want to be doing and having the fun you want to be having.

It is not What Happens in Your Life That Matters -
It is How You Are Reacting To Your Challenges
That Makes The Difference!


Are You facing Challenges In Your Profession?
So many professionals end up with depression,  addictions, relationships in ruin because they believed that they did not need to get help because they had learnt all they needed and should not be going through these challenges    ................. you are human, you are fallible
Give yourself of healing, having better health and continue to develop your own personal growth, You deserve happiness and well being what is preventing you from investing in your future now?

Are You overstressed?
Are you personally facing Fear, Anxiety, Depression or having Negative Thoughts about life and have even considered Self-Harming?
Feel alone at times - that no-one understands you or what you are going through?
That you are creating a lot of worse case scenaarios in your mind and they are driving you crazy?

The reality is, in our modern world, to be alive is to experience some level of stress, but like food… too much or too little is bad for your health and well
- being. If you are overwhelmed at work, you aren't nearly as productive as those who manage workplace stresses. Today the most common reason given when people leave their jobs is "Stress" being given as the primary reason for their decision to leave.

DISCOVER How you can find the missing 'peace' in your life
and rediscover Your Magnificence - regaining Happiness,
freedon and confidence and achieve your excellence

with all the Uncertainity About Australia with the high prices of petrol, electricity and mortgage fees rising rapidly, and uncertainity of Business growth, the lowering of house prices, in the media at the moment ... get yourself forearmed to deal with improving your situations in your workplace or at home

What can you be doing that you are not doing now....
That will make the difference in Your Personal Life, Your workplace, Your Business, Your Relationship, Your family

When A Disaster Happens, When Tragedy Strikes,
When Illness falls upon You
hat will give you the benefits and direction to Move forward positively, being able to communicate in ways that will give you the results you want
Learn the skills of survival so you have them when you need them, it is no Good learning how to keep your boat afloat when it is already sinking,
you need to have the skills beforehand if you want any hope of survival.

As a personal trainer, I have many strategies and processes in helping others change their lives and achieve their goals, I was so focussed on work and achieving that I did not see my marriage fall apart. My wife left me and has gone to live interstate with my two beautiful children. Life is what we make it, this weekend has given me so much as I identified the blocks that were hindering my life/work balance, since the weekend my wife and I are talking and I believe there is some hope now of reconciliation, and I am happy to take it slowly. Thankyou for sharing your experiences and expertise. I have truly enjoyed the weekend, and would highly recommend this for your own personal growth and development. Shane.
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'The KEY to Designing Your Destiny'™
Shows you and allows you to discover the secrets of how you are communicating - that is working for you or against you
and what it is that you can do to change your results into achieving more positive outcomes.

How you can Let Go of what you need to Let Go of,
that will enable you to unlock your potential, and regain balance, harmony and control in all areas of your life.

What is missing from the movie 'The Secret'? What is it you need to know to make the Secret work for you?

          Everyday is full of amazing Opportunities
Brilliantly Disguised As Impossible Situations

What is the Law of Attraction? and How it can work against you or for you.

Do you long for True
What is the key to you discovering the secrets of your success?

You will discover the
'KEY' to Breaking YOURSELF Free From POOR HEALTH, STRESS , OVERWORK AND FATIGUE - Abuse, Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Fears, Illness and lack of motivation

You will discover How to
LET GO of ALL YOUR NEGATIVE EMOTIONS Of Anger, Fear, Guilt, hurt, Sadness, Resentment, Jealousy. Negative Emotions are heavy for you to be carrying around, and they result in you experiencing Low Self Esteem, Ill Health, Mental & Physical Breakdown, Insomnia, Lethargy, Lack of Energy & Motivation, Business Failure, Stuttering, Poor Eyesight, Hearing disorders, Behavioural problems and Dysfunctional Relationships.

You will discover HOW
to Clear ALL YOUR LIMITING DECISIONS and BELIEFS, especially concerning those around Money, that are holding you back from Having the Financial Freedom you Desire, The Happiness you hope for, The success you Dream Of

Are your Beliefs limiting you from what you want to achieve,
or are they supporting you in your success?

    • Are they preventing you from having the healthy lifestyle you want tobe living
    • Are they creating you to having worse case scenaarios filling your head - driving you crazy?
    • Are they Preventing you from having The success you Deserve to Have
    • Are they creating you to attract people into your life that are toxic ?
    • Are they Preventing you from having The Relationship you Dream of Having.
    • Are they creating you to wanting to self harm yourself?
      Are they Preventing you from Being the person you want to Be.
    • Are they creating you to wanting to be alone - not trusting people?
    • Are they Preventingt you from Doing what it is that you want to be Doing.
    • Are They creating you to become sceptical about tlife in general?
    • Are they Preventing you from deciding what to do next
    • Are they preventing you from pursuing your passion in life?
Becoming who you want to Be.  
Doing what you want to be Doing.
Having what you are wanting to Have in your life.

        or REASONS as toWHY Things aren't working out the way you want them to
        ACHIEVE THE RESULTS YOU WANT Using the most powerful proven techniques for change
        YOU DESERVE to have the knowing of how to have your life being exactly as YO
U WANT IT TO BE, NOW to enjoy being able to have all the Happiness, Success and Financial Independence that you want and deserve.

        Thousands of people from all walks of life use these PROFOUND PROVEN TECHNIQUES
        to DISCOVER REAL FREEDOM in their lives.
        This is the 'The KEY to Designing Your Destiny'™

to experience being a part of this empowering weekend -

'The KEY to Designing Your Destiny'™

for discovering your own answers, your deepest truths,
Experiencing Profound emotional and physical healing within yourself.

this has been the best weekend I have had for ages, as a professional hypnotherapist I was helping others with their problems daily and not looking after myself, my health was not good as I started to go into depression. This weekend course has been the best workshop I have ever done, truly professional in all ways and the best gift I received was the techniques to improve my health, flexibility and motivation. My business is now growing because I am healing myself in so many ways Thankyou to all of you.   Andrea
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Book NOW
Be There Before You Miss Out
On this Amazing Opportunity of Having a
Life of Total health and Wellbeing.

Make A Difference in Your Life Today
by Investing in Your
Future Health and Wellbeing


            Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th January 2020

8.30am till 6.00pm


PAY IN FULL - SAVE $175.00


Phone: 1300 306 803 Click Here to Email Us
Enhance your communicating skills In Your Workplace & Personal Relationships,
Develop Performanace Excellence And Understanding
Of how to communicate effectively to peoples individual and unique learning styles.
P.O. Box 4261. GUMDALE. Qld 4154