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NLPLOGO.150Brisbane NLPworking4u
NLPU Affiliated 3rd Generation
NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Beginning 15th February 2020
Module 1: February 15th - 17th 2020
Module 2:
March 13th - 15th 2020
Module 3:
April 17th - 19th 2020
Module 4:
May 8th - 10th 2020
Module 5:
June 6th - 8th 2020

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Brisbane NLP Pre Training Materials,
Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier's 50+ NLPU MPrac Audios and so very much more.

and begin your learning listening to the audios,
             before and between the Training Modules.


NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.
(Richard Bandler)



3rd Generation NLP - Master Practitioner Certification

Affiliated with NLPUniversity, Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier
You will receive a personally signed certificate from NLPU- Robert Dilts and Judith De Lozier jigsaw people
on successful completion of MPrac competency Level.

Learning How to Put All the Pieces Together
2020 Brisbane NLP - Master Practitioner Certification
The Best Value for Investment NLP Master Practitioner Training

Discover Advanced Ways of Communicating More Effectively
at Deeper Levels of Awareness to Enhance Your
Leadership, NLP, Coaching, Mentoring, Training Skills, both Personally and Professionally.

NLPU Master Practitioner Certificate. (Robert Dilts NLPU Certified)
LAB Profile Certification.

NLP Coach Certification.
Master Hypnotist.
will be awarded to those who fully participate
in the program and successfully complete the assessments.


Discover How Your Brains are Processing information, Making Meaning, Creating Connection,
Preserving Self For Maximum Success Professionally as well as Optimun Health & Wellbeing

Discover How to begin Enhancing Your Results as you begin
Making Wiser Decisions in all areas of your life

NLP Practitioner level provides you with the basic Ingredients

Master Practitioner provides you with the methods of blending and mixing for a smooth consistency

Trainers level provides you with the skills to create your own recipes for success in all areas of your life

Prerequisite for being accepted in this training is the completion of an approved Recognised
NLP Practitioner level training, certificate will be required as proof.

You will be required to sit an entrance Competency Preview before being accepted in to this training.

The NLPU Affiliated Master Practitioner is designed to provide participants with the conceptual, analytical, observational and interactive skills necessary to achieve advanced NLP competence at the conscious and unconscious level, you will  deepen your understanding and practice of NLP as you explore in this 15 day intensive training.  Most of our Master Practitioner students are recommended to this training by colleagues, friends, or graduates from the program, we welcome people from all NLP intitutes who have completed their NLP Practitioner certification. 

"Mastery" level of NLP (3rd Generation NLP Master Practitioner Certification) involves many hours of study, practice, and application both in and out of the training experience.  Since we put a premium value on competency, practical knowledge, and ability to apply to self and others, certification depends not only upon attendance and involvement at the training, but demonstration of practice. 

3rd Generation NLP Master Practitioner allows you to master the NLP applications, Develop an elegance of NLP, Become a Master communicator, Develop a Laser Beam Focus by aligning your unconscious Values and Beliefs, Enhance your skills in Leadership, Management, Therapy and Coaching taking your mind to much higher levels as you Create and Model Excellence in your life.

In the NLP Practitioner level certification, you were introduced to the structure and strategies of your thinking, and became familiar with patterns to reprogram unconscious habits as you discovered the importance of observation skills, rapport, strategies and the power of precision language.
3rd Generation introduces you to new skills that have evolved in the field of NL:P over the years. You will gain a better understanding of how you create your meanings out of what happens and is said to you (semantics), and how you get those meanings incorporated into your mind-body system (neurology).
3rd Generation NLP introduces more on a somantic level of integration.  You will also gain a greater understanding of how these meanings drive your behaviours and how these behaviours determine and limit or enhance your success, or failure.

The 3rd Generation NLP Master Practitioner training leads to your personal mastery of some of the most effective tools for change that exist in our world today. It is about developing elegantly your competency at using many of the NLP skills simultaneously and becoming innovative and creative in how you use them…as you participate and committ to developing more. It is about challenging yourself to explore many new possibilities and taking many steps beyond basic NLP into reaching your potential. It is about mastering the many numerous elements and applications of NLP and becoming a licensed Master NLP Practitioner.

You will learn how to apply NLP in many different applications including Business, Leadership, Education, Physical and Mental Health, social applications,
creativity, Personally and so much more.

Some of the advanced NLP skills participants will develop include:


Advanced Meta Programs,
Incorporating Shelle Rose Charvets - LAB Profiling Practitioner Certification,
iWAM Assessment,
Identifying and managing the dynamic interplay of Neurological Levels,
Connecting To Your Collective Intelligences - The Neurosciences of 3 Brain Awareness /Alignment
Perceptual Positions/ Time Frames
Developing Your Inner Game - Incorporating Mindfulness
Defining a "problem space" in terms of
symptoms, causes, outcomes, resources and effects

Strategies for Changing Belief Systems including Belief Barriers,
Belief Assessing, Belief Auditing, Reimprinting,
............. Integration of Conflicting Beliefs,
Whole Brain Thinking
Mapping Across
Sleight of Mouth, Mind Lining, Reframing,
Advanced Patterns for Working with Sub-Modalities
Recognizing and Utilizing Advanced Language Patterns
Advanced Anchoring Techniques
Systemic NLP Patterns and Multi Level Intervention Strategies
Co-operative Learning skills including co-coaching skills,
Dynamic Assessment strategies,
Values - at a Deeper Level, Hierarchy Organisation, Values Tranitioning, Changing Vallues.
Advanced Hypnotherapy Skills

Certificates will be awarded to those who fully participate
in the program and successfully complete all of the the assessments

You will receive certificates for
NLP Master Practitioner Certificate
LAB Profile Certification.
NLP Coach Certification.
Master Hypnotist.

Having completed NLP Practitioner with Lorna, I was so impressed with my improvement in my personal life and with my business, I enrolled for Master Practitioner training and travelled from Victoria to complete the training. Lorna's Integrity is second to none and she definately delivers so much more than was expected and what other training companies offer, my friend attended another training and could not believe all of the resources and ongoing support that I received. I would highly recommend Brisbane NLPworking4u trainings for the quality and standard of information you get as well as personalised coaching all the way. Toni.

Duration of Training 
Minimum of 150 hours of advanced training taught by a certified trainer over 16 Days.  A minimum of 150 hours of direct trainer supervision plus the extra hours of pre study of the Audio MP3's and books to be read, as well as application and practical sessions between the modules. Estimated hours equal to total of 230hrs of training .

of the ability to identify the following basic skills, techniques patterns and concepts of NLP
and to utilize these competently with self and with others.

1.  Competence in all practitioner level skills, singly and in combination.
2.  The ability to design individualized interventions (generative and remedial).
3.  Be Ecological in your change work.
4.  Competence in shifting easily back and forth between content and form, and experience and label.

As a 3rd Generation NLP Master Practitioner you will learn systemic NLP, which brings together all the current NLP theory and practice and adds the latest developments from the NLP field. Master Practitioner level key distinctions are the speed and elegance at which you will be able to build rapport faster and read people faster and more accurately. You will notice significantly how you will be able to create lasting change for yourself and others using elegant communication patterns for the higher frames of mind. With elegance you will be able to re-frame meaning and create new unconscious understandings during normal conversations.

You will learn how the four meta-domains - meta-modalities, meta-model, meta-programs and meta-states create the gestalt that is NLP.
As a Master Practitioner you will have an integrated model for understanding human communication as well as consciousness and unconscious processes; more importantly you will have the tools for effective change and performance enhancement. At the Master Practitioner level you will develop your skills to masterfully dispaly excellence as a coach, therapist, sales person or leader.

The NLPU Master Practitioner Certification Program
is centered around fully operationalizing the fundamental presuppositions of NLP by

1) developing conscious competence and flexibility with the essential NLP skills, models and tools;
2) developing elegance in managing the multiple levels and multiple perspectives of change and communication; and
3) focusing on more generative change processes such as beliefs, values and identity to create solutions in many different contexts

Mastery of Advanced NLP skills comes from learning to operate within a multi-dimensional “problem space” embodied by what is known as the
model in NLP. This model defines learning and change in terms of a set of states and transition states within a system and the operations and operators which influence those states. Desired results are obtained by defining states and selecting the most appropriate and ecological operations in terms of the

1) level of change,

2) the perceptual positions, and

3) The Time Frames involved in creating a Situation

The Master Practitioner Certification Program
will provide the tools to identify states and apply the appropriate operators necessary to facilitate generative and ecological change:

  Meta Programs for Problem Solving.
  Meta Mapping through Spatial Sorting and Time Line Utilization.
  Sleight of Mouth Patterns for Verbal Persuasion and Reframing Limiting Beliefs.
  Physiological and Cognitive Patterns associated with Neuro-Logical Levels.
  Strategies for Developing, Recognizing and Utilizing Multiple Perceptual Positions.
  Advanced Patterning procedures - Meta Model III and “Mill’s Methods”.
  Managing Systemic Dynamics - Meta Messages and Psychogeography.
  Defining a Problem Space in terms of the S.C.O.R.E. Model.

Advanced level NLP techniques are organized around an expansion of the ‘Present State - Desired State’ NLP change model called the S.C.O.R.E. Model. S.C.O.R.E. stands for Symptoms, Causes, Outcomes, Resources and Effects.

In this course participants will also explore how to use the latest developments in NLP and principles from the new field of Psychoneuroimmunology to build a healthy belief system and change negative beliefs into beliefs that support health and longevity

Introduction to your NLP Mastery, the application of Mastering NLP with an advanced level of understanding.
Your Top Ten Mastery States and creating a Well-Formed Outcomes for Mastery, taking your Rapport skills to a higher level.

Mastery of conversational reframing.   The Sleight of Mouth / Mind-Lines model arose as a re-formatting of the old model by applying logical or meta-levels to the restructuring of meaning, or reframing.  You will discover the structure of the magic of selling, persuasion, and influence.

   You will discover how to elicit, detect, and identify Meta-Programs and then use them for "reading" or figuring out   people, discovering your preferred learning and benhaviour styles. Mastering the Advanced Complex Meta Programs, Changing Meta Programs, Using Meta Programs as Coalesced meta-states and the Meta-Programs for “Figuring Out People” being able to 'Read' them and support them in becoming aware of their perceptual filters.  You will also be introduced to Shell Rose Charvet's LAB Profile, as well as iWAM - an extension of Meta Programs, that provides online tools to quickly access your own preferred Meta Programs.

  Mastering the best states for modelling, developing your Mastery of The use of strategies in order to build modelling skills of excellence.  An introduction to modeling, the process of modelling, the factors and components involved, the kinds of states needed for effective modeling, a review of some of the modeling projects that I have completed in my own extensive trainings. Assist others in overcoming internal and external conflicts and challenges.

Mastery of the Levels of Thought model derived from Bateson and Korzybski and developed by Michael Hall, Ph.D. that has "taken NLP to the next level."   You will discover the basic structure of Meta-States, how to distinguish primary, meta, and gestalt states, basic meta-stating processes, using meta-states for generative change, setting resourceful frames, etc.

Mastery of the Time-Lines Model in NLP, and the advanced developments in Time related processes. Having been influenced from my own trainings with Dr Tad James, Robert Dilts, Tim Hallborn, Michael Hall you will be able to Identify the Meta Levels of Time Lines for use in Therapy, how beneficial Pre-Dating Negative Emotions can be, as you learn how to destroy your inappropriate decisions with the Decision Destroyer pattern and then create a new decision with the techniques of The Re-imprinting Pattern.

Trance as a Meta-State Phenomena and discovering the many Levels of Trance, with the Inductions of Hypnotic Trances
Building Hypnotic Inductions Training, and mastering the Time-Lines and discovering the unique applications for long term results.

Adavanced Values work, Developing your Mastery of the higher levels of beliefs about value and importance, commonly called "values." Work with the The multi-Level Structure of Values, integrating the Logical Levels to discover how to Elicit and Utilize your "Values" as you take part in Ordering and Arranging Multi-Levels of "Values" to have you Resolving Conflict about Beliefs of Importance as you develop your skills in being able to "Value" Change Patterns.

Learn about the history of Hypnosis, how to create and develop deeper rapport, the importance of the pre talk, how suggestibility techniques strengthens the clients ability to achieve greater results, how to produce empowering inductions working with the Ericksonian, and the Dave Elman methods of Hypnosis.

Lorna is an affiliate of the NLPUniversity, authorised by Robert Dilts and Judith De Lozier to use their materials, and to certify participants in NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. Lorna is an internationally certified NLPU Master trainer, with over 20 years’ experience working with the cognitive Behavioural sciences of Mind Power, NLP, Neuro-Semantics, 3rd Generation NLP, LAB Profile, iWAM, Whole Brain Thinking, Time Line Processes, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Coaching, Speaking and so much more.. She is an internationally registered as a Certified Master Trainer of NLPU, Certified Neuro-Semantics Trainer, Certified LAB Profile Trainer, has a Certificate IV in Training, Certificate IV in Coaching, and a Certificate IV in Business, and has extensive experience in personal and organisational change, working with individuals and organisations across all industries. Lorna has assisted at NLPU Trainers Training and NLPU Master Trainers over the last two years, and has completed the NLP Health Certification.

She brings her own unique style to all of her trainings, workshops and seminars as she integrates her many learnings from over 18 internationally recognised trainers, and has the expertise and experience to give you a fun filled experience, ensuring that your learning is interactive, practical, experiential and encourages and supports you to achieve a full understanding of how you can transfer your learnings into your area in which you operate.
More about Lorna

My Master Practitioner training with Brisbane NLPworking4u has been a truly rewarding experience for me, I would highly recommend Lorna and her trainings to you if you are considering this level. It has been the most professional training I have attended with excellent manuals, charts and I received all of the files needed to begin my business immediately. My Personal coaching business has been enhanced so much from adding this training to my skills.... Kay

As a personal trainer, NLP has increased my awareness in so many ways and my client based has significantly changed with many more referrals as I now understand and can communicate more effectively in a way that they feel comfortable with me. This training has improved my skills and my personal life and I thank Lorna who is a super awesome trainer who cares, and delivers in a way that inspires me every day. I have also now completed my NLP Trainers certification with the NLPU at the UCSC, with Robert Dilts and Judith De Lozier, thanks to Lorna's support and encouragement. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou ........................ Nadia.

This has been one of the most fulfilling NLP trainings I have ever attended, Lorna's knowledge, expertise and commuinication skills and the way in which she adapts to all of our individual styles so seamlessly is so empowering, I have certainly came away with a much better understanding of the benefits and how to use NLP so much more than from my former trainings. Lorna is a professional in every way, her manuals are easy to read and understand, with diagrams, colours, step by step procedures, and easy to refer to. The venue is peaceful, relaxing, and enhanced for easy learning, and we even got healthy food all day. Well done Lorna and Jon I am exceptionally impressed. Heather. Life Coach.
more testimonials

Having known Lorna for such a long time, I wanted to find out what all of her passion with NLP was about, and decided to attend the weekend training, The Key To designing Your Destinyä, I was so impressed with the results I was getting, that I enrolled in her NLP practitioner training. I came from Melbourne each month and have not been disappointed. Lorna's integrity and the value I have personally received has been second to none, Lorna gives so freely her time, her expertise, her knowledge, her personalisation each day of the training as she paces you to enhance your learning. I stayed with Lorna and Jon, and was in awe of the total dedication she has towards her students getting the maximum benefit and of the extra time she puts in each night after the training, is something I have never experienced in any other training before.  I have grown so much personally. It has been challenging, rewarding, memorable and I have achieved an amazing understanding that has given me so many more opportunities to further enhance my business and my personal relationships. I am taking so much home with me to begin implementing personally and professionally in my accounting business.
 Thankyou so much for sharing this with me, the best investment I have ever made – In Me!! .......
Chris. Melbourne.

jigsaw people     Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier's 50+ NLPU MPrac Audios, Neurosemantics Pre Training Materials, & Intensive Reading
     Materials and so much more

           Begin your learning - listening to them before and between the Training Modules.

Brisbane NLP
NLPU Affiliated 3rd Generation
NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Internationally Accredited


Beginning 15th February 2020
Module 1: February 15th - 17th 2020
Module 2:
March 13th - 15th 2020
Module 3:
April 17th - 19th 2020
Module 4:
May 8th - 10th 2020
Module 5:
June 6th - 8th 2020

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Brisbane NLP Pre Training Materials,
Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier's 50+ NLPU MPrac Audios and so very much more.

and begin your learning listening to the audios,
             before and between the Training Modules.



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Develop Performanace Excellence And Understanding
Of how to communicate effectively to peoples individual and unique learning styles.
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