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- The Key To Designing Your Destiny™
this weekend workshop is designed for you to discover yourself, identify any belief systems you have that are working against you, any emotional blocks that are holding you back in life, and clearing all contamination from past toxic relationships so you can design your future full of goals, dreams and values that will enhance your every day, personally and professionally....read more

- The Key To Happiness in Your Relationships
Are you experiencing challenging times at the moment,in your relationship or marriage? Is there a breakdown in communications, negative and critical blaming of each other, lack of romance, passion and respect?
feeling mentally and physically exhausted and emotionally drained,having no time for you to enjoy some 'me' time? This weekend workhop is about showing you how to put laughter and happiness back into your relationship,
regain the passion and romance and understand each other allowing you to communicate clearly what you want top say - no misunderstandings.
read more

- Dissolving The Disappointment of Divorce
Are you going through a breakdown of your marriage, and finding it difficulkt becoming single again with added responsibilities?Not sleepiong well, always exhausted and feeling lonley or in despair? Divorce creates the partners all of a sudden being in a place of uncertainity as they learn to
Let Go and become responsible for all their own decisions. this can be a very scary, frightening experience, more often than not creating self doubt in their ability to succeed or get things done right. Don't let your children and families suffer because of the decisions you have made........read more

- Letting Go and Expressing Yourself Freely
A Cognitive approach to attaining more fluency, that will allow you to discover what is behind your Blocking and stuttering, How to find the keys that will allow you to speak more naturally, Express yourself more freely, with the possibility of gaining more fluency ......... read more


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Enhance your communicating skills In Your Workplace & Personal Relationships,
Develop Performanace Excellence And Understanding
Of how to communicate effectively to peoples individual and unique learning styles.
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