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Looking for one of the Best NLP Trainings, from one of Australias most experienced NLP Master Trainers,
Lorna has trained with over
60 Trainers internationally, with 30+ years
Experience in Training, in the Fields of Business, Beauty, NLP, Neurosciences, Mind power, Emotional intelligences
LAB Profiling, IWAM, Whole Brain Thinking, 3 Brain Engagenment, NLP Health and coaching,
and still collaborates with many of the most recognised trainers in NLP,
is affiliated with Robert Dilts (leading NLP developer/Trainer).

Are you going to get what you are needing from a 5-7 day training?
Has your trainer only trained with one organisation, with limited experience?
How long has your trainer been training NLP for?

Get The Best Value Training For Your Investment
from an Internationally Recognised NLP Master Trainer with 28+yrs experience in Training

Internationally Certified
NLP Practitioner Training
in Brisbane -
Next training is Beginning
Friday Friday January 10th 2020


We believe in Training and Providing you, our clients and students well enough with
Audio, Charts, USB files, YOU WILL NEED
to effectively incorporate YOUR many learnings in YOUR own right to enhance YOUR

relationships and communication skills in a professional capacity and personally.


nlplogo.150Brisbane NLPworking4u
NLPU Affiliated 3rd Generation

Collective Intelligences
NLP Practitioner Certification
Internationally Accredited

12 Days Classroom
(over 4 months)
Internationally Accredited

13th January 2020

Module 1: 10th - 12th January 2020
Module 2:
7th - 9th February 2020
Module 3:
6th - 8th March 2020
Module 4:
3rd - 5th April 2020

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Brisbane NLP Pre Training Books, Materials,
Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier's NLPU Prac Audios and so very much more.
and begin your learning listening to the audios,
             before and between the Training Modules.

iictlogo ... nlpu

BY 13th December 2019- SAVE $990.00

We Guarantee You will receive All the Materials You Need
To Begin Working With Your Own Clients

Files, Charts, Worksheets, Resources, Practitioner Assist Cards etc






NLP Practitioner training provides you with the Basic NLP Ingredients needed to successfully understand your communication styles and programs, as well as recogninsing how others communicate, that will give you the ability and confidence to uise successfully when communicating with colleagues in your business and with significant family members and friends in your personal life to achieve successful and rewarding communication on all levels required with the flexibility to change and modify to suit the circmstances presented to you.

NLP provides you with an experience of discovering 'How' you do what you do, and how to recognise what is working for you or against you in achieving what you want, where you want to be and who you want to become. As an affiliated program with the well recognised internationall known NLP University (Robert Dilts and Judith De Lozier) you will be introduced to the Next Generation developments in the field of NLP and how it has evolved over the years.

Come join us and train with Lorna, a Master Trainer who has trained with many masters over the last 27+ years, and continues to train each year to enhance her own knowledge to be up to date with the latest developments to pass on to her students. Lorna and her trainers freely give you the tools and work with you so that you can go and implement the techniques successfully with your own clients, in your own business, in your relationships or personally.for optimal Health and Wellbeing

You can easily Become an internationally certified NLP Practitioner in 12 full training days spread over a 4 month period -

Introduction to How The Next Generation of NLP has evolved in the 42 years, that will enhance your
Unique NLP Practitioner experience, over 12 full training days run over a period of four months.
The training is broken into 4 modules of 3 days each month over a period of 4 months.

This is a valuable investment of your time that is priceless to the Lifetime benefits you will get from this training. Many Students over the last many years have voiced their concerns on being able to get off, or take from their business a full twelve days at a time, this led us to offering the training spread over 4 months, this has created a win/win situation for the majority of our students who have benefitted from this platform of training. Brisbane NLP offer the trainings over a Friday, Saturday & Sunday, allowing for you, the need for less days away from your work.

The major benefit the students find is that you will have longer lasting benefits and abilities from building your skills between each module, as you integrate the processes completely into self, before beginning the next module. The layering program gives you longer lasting effective results. For details of the NLP Trainings click here. click here.

In between your trainings, You will require Time for listening to the 48+ Pre-Training audios, which will be in MP3 format
for easy listening on your ipod, computer or any other player, listening on your way to work or in your car

Lorna and Brisbane NLP Collective Intelligences Trainings Fully supports your Growth and Development
Providing all materials to allow you to stand on their shoulders to pay forward in your business
just as they have stood on the shoulders of the many great trainers before them to provide
their knowledge and expertise for a greater learning experience for you.

Your certification is Internationally Accredited as a Practitioner of NLP,
and Collective Intelligences NLP Coach.

which consists of 135 hours of training with optional hours for practicing the patterns and processes, Answering your questions, Evaluations,
and the giving of additional materials will be offered during the trainings. Satisfactory completion of this training will result in eligibility for

Certification with the NLPU University - Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier) Studies,
as well as being accepted as a member of
AAPHAN, The Australian Association of Professional hypnotherapy & NLP.
ABNLP, The Australian Board of NLP and IICT, International Instuitute For Complementary Therapists

We are recognised Training Provider from these organisations

Each module of study results from a carefully constructed model designed to build one on the other.
Comprehension of each subject moves you as the student to the next level of expertise.
Thus, you must attend each class and participate in all of the exercises to qualify at the Practitioner level.

Training will consist of detailed information, demonstrations and exercises. You will be totally supported throughout the training and if you are requiring extra mentoring this will be offered at no cost, to allow you to achieve a full understanding of how to use the NLP processes.
Students will perform numerous exercises for both practice and retention. The NLP skills, techniques and processes are learned by doing.
As you learn to apply to self, you will enhance many areas of your own life and work.

The following subjects are covered during the 135 hours:
NLP evolved from the communication model of Neuro linguistic programming, NLP has transformed coaching, training and business communication with its understanding of How We Run Our Own Brains., and utilise our programming every day professionally and personally, eliminating the programming that no longer is serving us and reprogramming our brains with healthy programming for success.
When you take an Internationally recognised training with
Brisbane NLP - Affiliated NLPUniversity, program the new developments of the Next Generation NLP Field and you will develop the skills required to lead yourself and others to Set goals that are achievable and realistic, as you Create rapport and connection with people, Utilising and using the power of the unconscious mind to create change, Build successful relationships as you accelerate your learning and Align your beliefs and values for success, incorporating the latest neuroscience of the 3Brain intelligences.

As you develop a greater understanding of how the mind works and how you communicate is essential if you want to
become a leader in,
your Business, Organisation, Company,Training Institute, Therapy Practice, Coaching, Politics, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing,and Coaching in Your Profession.

Next Generation NLP is the continual developmnent from some of the original developers in the field of NLP, Robert Dilts and Judith De Lozier who are continually evolving the NLP field each year at NLPU in Santa Cruz, where Lorna assisted yearly over a period of 6 years to enhance her own development
and adding more value each year, this year adding the 3Brain concept.

Think with CLARITY and FOCUS
Cut through the clutter of TOO MUCH INFORMATION overload

Understand WHAT and HOW others are thinking
Communicate effectively and with HEALTHY influence
Increase your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCEand overcome stress
Achieve LEADERSHIP in your life and business

Definition and History of NLP
During the first part of the training you will experience the power of NLP through experience.
NLP will be defined. The history of NLP will reveal the impressive body of material upon which NLP is based,
Discover how NLP has evolved through the generations, there is 1st Generation, 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation and now Next Generation NLP and each has added so much more to how you can utilise these skills in everyday life and it continues to evolve.

The Key Presuppositions of NLP
The Key Presuppositions of NLP represent the beliefs that excellent communicators hold for greater outcomes and direction.
A major goal throughout the practitioner training consists of your behavioural integration of these presuppositions - meaning
you operate from them habitually and unconsciously.

The Three Qualities of Exceptional Communicators:
Clearly Knowing Your Outcomes
Having Exceptional observational and listening Skills
Exercising Behavioural flexibility for greater results

The NLP Practitioner training provides the training necessary for your own behavioural modification,
By understanding and controlling your behaviour you will become equipped to control ing your conversations being able to achieve and obtain healthier and more ecological outcomes.
NLP Rapport building skills allow for more flexibility of verbal, non-verbal behaviour in all situations.

Logical Levels
working at the Identity Level and how each level plays a significant part in your success, understanding the impoortance of alignment for wiser and healthier decision making, where adjustments are needed for change to occurr.
This to me is one of the most important processes to master, and can be utilised in all other processes and techniques,
when you know how to use this model.

The S.C.O.R.E. Model
Robert Dilts developed this model, and it is used in so many contexts for problem awarenss and achieving solutions,
has been one of the most valuable techniques when working with others personally and in organisations

Well Formed Outcomes
Learn to identify and develop high quality descriptions of specific goals for change that are positive,
practical and ecologically workable for everyone

Sensory Acuity
You will learn how to read the non-verbal signals from other people. This involves continuous practice as you learn how to recognise vitl signs with each person you interact with. Each state change in a person will be accompanied by external signals from their body. Sensory acuity skills enable you to read the state changes by their body language. You have unconsciously been doing this all your life. Sensory acuity skills permit you to bring this to conscious level and to use the skill to facilitate communication.

You will enhance your ability to read people and detect state changes. Calibration means you can detect the meanings
behind each physiological shift the client makes. This skill will facilitate your ability to communicate more effectively and to recognize
therapeutic needs, changes and confirmations.

Building & Maintaining Rapport
One model indicates that ninety-three percent of communication skills transpire non-verbally and unconscious. NLP rapport skills teach you how to communicate at the unconscious level. Mirroring, matching, pacing and leading skills will enable you to become "like" the other person. People like people who look and act like them. You will learn how to mirror and match physiology, tonality and predicates (process words). Rapport skills permit the practitioner to be flexible in communicating. Flexibility allows for control of the conversation.

Representational Mapping
The brain receives information through the five senses. In NLP we refer to the five senses as the representation system.
We not only receive information through the representation system, we also represent this information in the brain through this system. You will learn how the representation system provides the basis to all thought processes. The emphasis and power of NLP states that change work is done at the process and not the content level. The representation system is fundamental to mental processes. Understanding of the representation system provides basic knowledge for communication and change fundamental to all NLP communication and therapeutic skills.

A submodality equals the smaller coding of the representation system. Submodalities define the qualities of our internal representations. Visual in NLP describes one of the representation system or modality. To discover the submodalities of the visual representation system one would ask whether the internal picture acts as a movie/still, black and white/color, bright/dark, etc. You will learn how higher levels (Meta-Levels) govern submodalities and hence, perception. Knowledge of Meta-Levels and how they influence submodalities will result in your ability to resolve grief, change beliefs, change values and to change the feelings of any memory in brief therapy. All permanent therapeutic changes happens at Meta-Levels. Knowledge of submodalities allows the practitioner to communicate and to do therapy with precision. An introduction to submodalities comes early in the training. The advanced therapeutic use of submodalities happens during the latter part of the training with far more training in the Master Practitioner Level. Learning the basics of submodalities gives the student immense control over running his/her own brain.

Meta States
Developed by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., Meta-States refer to the brain's ability to have thoughts about thoughts. Each thought about a thought functions at a higher logical level and therefore modulates the original thought. For instance, you can experience anger towards something or someone. Now, appreciate your anger and notice how that changes your perception of your anger. Or, better yet, apply a thought of calmness to your anger and notice how that changes your anger. Utilizing this simple yet profound cognitive process provides a powerful tool for state control. Throughout the Practitioner (And Master Practitioner) training, you learn how to manage your states through Meta-States.

Swish Pattern
Developed by Richard Bandler, the Swish Pattern uses the principles of submodalities to eliminate unwanted behaviours such as bad habits. Richard Bandler says that this presents one of the most effective techniques he has developed. 

Strategies describe the mental sequencing of representation systems that define the function behind all behaviour. The explanation of strategies comes early as an introduction during the first of the training. The elicitation, utilization, design and installation of strategies take up one full day of training in the final week. Strategies are an integral part of having successful relationships. You will be introduced to the R.O.L.E model, the S.C.O.R.E model, The B.A.G.E.L. model, The S.O.A.R. Model, C.O.A.C.H. Model and so much more.

This important distinction describes the mind's ability to remove much of the emotion from a memory. Let us experiment. Recall an unpleasant experience. If you see yourself in the picture of the memory, you have dissociated from the memory. If you look through your own eyes, you associate into the memory. Association usually results in more emotion. Dissociation as a rule removes much of the emotion from the memory

Fast Phobia Cure
Based on association\dissociation, the Fast Phobia Cure permits the erasure of limiting and traumatizing experiences or perceptions. The erasure of the images and strategies will remove the behavioral limitation which have resulted from the experience or perception.

Anchors developed in NLP as a product of Pavlov's concept of stimulus response. Anchors define the triggers for states and behavior. You will learn how to establish triggers for selected responses you desire both in yourself and others. Behavioural change techniques based on anchoring provide material for several techniques during the second third of the certification. Specific techniques taught in anchoring include: setting self-anchors including a resource anchor, uptime and intime anchors, building a circle of excellence, integrating conflicting unconscious parts through collapsing anchors, change personal history, collapsing visual anchors and overcoming doubt and chaining anchors.

Based on the NLP presupposition that all meaning depends upon context, in reframing you learn how to discover alternate contexts and meanings for the positive intent behind the behavior. Reframing allows for the separation of the person from their behaviour. New approaches for unwanted behaviours become evident through reframing. All behaviours have positive aspects. Reframing allows for the discovery and preservation while exploring for new possibilities more appropriate. The procedures permit the keeping of the positive intent intact while achieving the desired outcome through appropriate behaviour. Included in this study of reframing include the following areas of NLP.

Levels of Conscious Awareness
The distinction between what is in conscious awareness and what is not will become a part of your conscious awareness. You will also come to appreciate that the unconscious mind is a friend and not a foe. Freud's concept of the unconscious as the Id and innately evil will be repudiated.

Sabotaging frames
The genius of NLP is that it gives the NLP practitioner the tools to direct unconscious sabotaging frames (Unconscious Parts) to the healing power present in everyone. Much time will be spent on these dragons, i.e. those minor personalities within all of us that operate contrary to our total good.

Visual Squash
The NLP technique called The Visual Squash will be taught during this training. You will receive an advanced version. The Visual Squash allows for the resolving of conflict between parts and for the integrating of conflicting parts. This is an especially powerful and useful technique.

Six Step Reframe
The Six-Step Reframe provides the communicator with a formal reframing process that provides ways of stopping unwanted behavior through providing healthier alternatives. This way of reframing allows the preservation of the positive intent of the unwanted behavior. At the same time, new and healthier choices provided other choices for fulfilling the positive intent of the unconscious part. First introduced during the practitioner training, we devote much more time to this model during the Master Meta - NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

Language Patterns:

The Meta-Model
NLP basis itself on the language patterns of the Meta-Model. This model is a series of questions, which allows the practitioner to transform low quality descriptions from the other person into high quality explanations. The Meta-Model restores the deletions, distortions and generalization that all speech (surface structure) contains. These surface structure descriptions we use often cause poor communication. The Meta-Model allows the practitioner to get to the real problem in the deep structure (internal representation or image) of the mind. The word "Meta" means above. The Meta-Model utilizes language about language, i.e. which chunks meta to the language in use. Knowledge of the Meta-Model allows the practitioner more flexibility in controlling the communication.

Milton Model
This model came right out of the work of Milton Erickson, M. D. Erickson has the reputation as the world's foremost hypnotherapist. The Milton Model acts as the inverse of the Meta-Model. The Meta-Model goes for specifics. The Milton Model utilizes general, large chunk language and allows the client to search for their own answers. Such language patterns frees the NLP Practitioner to work at the unconscious level. The Meta-Model brings one out of trance. The Milton Model induces trance.

Chunking refers to the ability to go from general to specific language or vice versa. The Meta-Model and the Milton Model provide the practitioner the tools necessary for flexibility of language in chunking up to general language or chunking down to specific language. Such skills enhance the practitioner's ability in building rapport and in public speaking.

NLP provides us with a model to construct and deliver metaphors to bring about desired outcomes in our acquaintances and clients. The language patterns of NLP provide extremely helpful tools in teaching, negotiating, managing, preaching, therapy and in all areas of communication. The utilization of metaphors provide the public speaker with some extremely helpful and useful tools. It seems that everyone loves a story. In therapy they provide the frame or mindset to initiate change and to solidify change. Milton Erickson mastered the use of metaphors and I am told in his later life his therapies consisted almost in entirety in the utilization of metaphors.

Satir Categories
Developed by the famous family therapist, Virginia Satir, this model allows the practitioner the utilization of another language pattern. The categories include the blamer, placater, computer, distracter and leveler. Recognition of these models gives the practitioner added tools in pacing and understanding the speaker's model of the world. The utilization of these patterns give broad appeal to the people in the audience when the speaker rotates through them. These categories appear in your practitioner training material for your reading.

Time Line Techniques
How to Utilize Your Time-Line to Initiate Change -   Based on Tad Jame's model of Time Line Therapy

You Receive introductory training in:

How your Head Brain creates and organises
Your Heart Brain Communicates and Connects
Engaging the Gut Brain to Motivate and Move Forward
Through Time and In Time
Eliciting Time Lines

Developmental Periods 
Steps Into Time-Lining
Using Time-Lining In Eliminating Negative Emotions
to Put Goals Into Your Future

Have you found short quick courses have not been allowing you to hold on to the learnings?
Often not continuing because of lack of confidence and understanding of procedures?

trainers.2.Training modules spread over a few months allows for you to layer your learning,
building your knowledge over a period of time, Integrating step by step,
lots of experiential 'doing' of processes in manageable, memorable & easy guided steps,
Amazing resource manuals, audios, charts, flash cards for easy at home study.




Internationally Accredited

72train............. Brisbane NLPworking4u

NLPU Affiliated 3rd Generation
NLP Practitioner Certification

12 Days Classroom

13th January 2020

Module 1: 10th - 12th January 2020
Module 2:
7th - 9th February 2020
Module 3:
6th - 8th March 2020
Module 4:
3rd - 5th April 2020

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Brisbane NLP Pre Training Books, Materials,
Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier's NLPU Prac Audios and so very much more.
and begin your learning listening to the audios,
             before and between the Training Modules.

We Guarantee You will receive All the Materials You Need
To Begin Working With Your Own Clients

Files, Charts, Worksheets, Resources, Practitioner Assist Cards etc



Pre Training Files - 48+ MP3 Audio Files
(Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier 3rd Generation NLP Practitioner)
Brisbane NLP Pre- Training Materials

4 Fully Illustrated Manuals,
Step by Step Procedures and conversational procedure guidelines,
Colour enhanced, and Medium print for easy reading.
Coloured Practitioner Assistant Flash cards

All Stationary Supplies -
Pens, Paper, Highlighters, post it notes etc


USB Flash Drive:
with Files of charts, Posters, Procedures and much more,
for your personal use with your own clients,
Educational Video clips, Many Extra Learning resources and materials.

Process Cards
Collection of Supporting Materials, Support Cards, Assistant Charts, Articles etc

FULLY CATERED Lunch and Refreshments
- everyday Freshly Made Healthy food, catering for your food preferences
( Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Dairy Intolerant etc)

FREE PARKING and so much more

   Invest in Your Future Success Now
And an Open Mind Ready To Discover and Learn

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Enhance your communicating skills In Your Workplace & Personal Relationships,
Develop Performanace Excellence And Understanding
Of how to communicate effectively to peoples individual and unique learning styles.
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