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The Key to Having Fun & Happiness
in Your Relationship

Bring Laughter & Happiness Back Into Your Relationship


Re-Ignite the Passion & Renew the Romance


Everyday you are relating to someone, in someway.

At home with your spouse, friend, children, parent, on your way to work with the service station attendant, bus driver or others on public transport,
then you arrive at work and you relate to your colleagues, bosses, clients or patients, etc

Are You Relating Successfully?
Are Your Relationships what you Want Them To Be? What Can You Do to Improve Your Relationships Now?

The Key To Having Fun & Laughter in Your Relationships
Resurrect Your Marriage/Relationship and Reap the Rewards of living in a Respectful Marriage/Relationship full of Love, fun, joy and laughter

The Key to having incredible sex -
practically doing nothing, just a few small minutes a day will contribute to a healthy long term marriage/relationship

The Key to communicating effectively,
developing a healthy understanding of each other

Are You Ready to Discover
The Keys To Having Fun, Laughter, Joy and Happiness In Your Relationship?


the Foundations
of Your Relationship:

Appreciation and Acknowledgment - Abolish all Anger, Criticism and Resentment
- Have fun, Laugh and share, Enjoy your family, fixing all the fragments of your family/relationship
Fun -
Learn how to have fun, Cease being critical and bitter now, and consciously decide to cut out any future continuous conflict and reminders of past misdeamours.
Clear Communication
- communicate to your partner in a way that they understand,
................... correct contaminated communication of criticism and bitterness.

Respect -
Respect your differences, Build and earn trust and respect of each other,
Learn to Let Go of all past fallabilities, Recover from any resentment,
- Acknowledge that we are all fallible at times,
we are not perfect and that it is perfectly normal to hink and do things differently.

Trust -
Trust is the element needed for a fulfilling relationship, Forgiveness of all past fallabilities and/or failures
Incredible Sex -
a healthy relationship full on enjoyment, sex is not a dirty word in healthy relationships
Laughter, Joy and Happiness - discover the causes of these being missing from your relationship now

Fix fragmented Family Fear and failure with freindly Fun

Congratulations on the realization that each day you can still learn something that will enrich your relationship, making your relationship more rewarding,
as well as making you a better self personally. This is the starting point of growth in any relationship - to acknowledge there is still the possibility of
being able to improve the results you are or are not getting from your relationship at this time, and are ready to committ to making the necessary changes.


You are obviously aware that there are some areas in your relationship, that has room for some improvement, opportunities available to you,
or you would not have made the journey to this page. It will amaze you when you begin to see your relationships in this new light.
As you become aware and acknowledge the areas that are contaminated, you can make choices that will allow the contamination to disappear
as you choose to make conscious efforts to clean up and clear out all contamination and toxic parts, creating many long lasting,
and happy memories as you live in a rewarding relationship. Looking forward to each day being a great day.

This is the new beginning, starting you on a new journey of personal growth by giving you a framework to understand yourself and others,
enabling you to have an attitude that anything that you learn in this workshop will make your most valued relationships even better.

Discover how to enrich the relationships by virtually doing nothing, gaining points without even knowing that they are accumulating,
knowing how the little things are much more important and longer lasting than big expensive gifts and treats. How to truly love each other,
exclusivly and be excited when in each other's company.



We experience many different types of relationships each day. We have

Boss - Employee Relationships
Encourage and support your staff appropriately through difficult times, the rewards will be innumerable - Make them enjoy their time at work, productivity will escalate, and you will love your work all the time.

Employee - Client Relationships
How many clients walk away from your business dissatisfied - telling the world out there how you are not good?
How many word of mouth referrals create new business for you?
Does the negative feedback out way the positive referrals?
How do you know - do you have a way of measuring this?

Personal Relationship with self

how do we relate to our self - are you a victim of self abuse?
Do you regularly undermine your own self worth and achievements?
We cannot expect appreciation and acknowledgement of our own achievements if we do not recognise this in ourselves.

Husband - Wife Relationships

Is your relationship with your partner one of Friendship, Fun, Love, Respect, Laughter, Trust, Honesty & Enjoyment?
or is it like a war zone each time you walk in the home, one of conflict, criticism, blame, disrespect, jealousy, guilt etc?
Are you always reminding each other of what happened, or what they did wrong yesterday, last week, last year, or in a previous relationship that diminishes their self worth daily?

Parent - Child Relationships

Do you have respect and understanding with your children or parents?
Are there clear boundaries as to who is the parent and who is the child, and what your roles are?
Who is controlling who? - Is it easier to give in to a childs demands for peace and quiet?
Create boundaries that will enhance all parent child relationships for longevity.

Self - Friend Relationships
Are your friendships long lasting supportive and forgiving when you faulter?
Are you forgiving and supporting of your friends when they err or faulter?
Friendship is the core to how we relate to oursleves and others
Find the friend in you that you want in others.

Doctor - Patient Relationships
Are you receiving the patient care you expect?
How to turn around each Doctors visit to exceed all of your expectations - communicating clearly.

Neighbour Relationships
Are your neighbours the neighbours from hell?
What you can do to changing them into becoming cordial and polite.


How we relate to others is crucial to how we are performing each day in our employment, it is therefore very important to get your affairs in order
and clean up the contaminated and challenging areas in life that are prohibiting you from being your best and most efficient.

Many successful companies are now embracing Coaching and Personal Development as an important part of the company's
long term benefits in creating successful and rewarding results.

How often have you experienced unfair treatment from a work colleague, because of something that is happening in the perpetrators life away from work? Discover how to leave the contaminated parts of your life out of the work place - this will create work being a fun place to be -
creating more productivity, changing of attitudes, and allowing time to whiz by.

Relationships in corporations at all levels are an important part of how successful the company is, Creating trust, Integrity and being completely focused
on outcomes are how lasting relationships develop and grow. We assist corporations, and individuals in their Personal Relationships to build
and sustain successful, long lasting and rewarding relationships.

I recommend highly the weekend seminar The Key to Happiness in Your Relationship as a great tool for beginning to create rewarding relationships.
Enjoy a weekend of discovering with your partner all the wonderful things that you can now have in your relationship that you have not been able to find
in the past. Discover how you understand and put meanings to things differentlyand embrace those differences,
what is important to them in their relationship, in their life, spiritually, personally in development, in their career, their dreams and hopes.
How to align each others differences and create a powerful and fun relationship.

Other Workshops

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Taking Control in Your Relationship. My Parents never Understand Me. Why won't my Kids Listen?. Creating Confident Kids


We create rich experiences that will motivate our clients to believe in their own uniqueness and self worth, to become inspired by and encouraged
to step out of their comfort zones and to experience and be amazed by their ever expanding awareness.
Each person will discover their own unique potential, and learn how to maintain the beliefs that will initiate their potential
and create resourceful, rewarding and peak performance.

We also have a weekend Personal 'Self' awareness and development seminar, where in two days you will unblock and unlock your true and wonderful self, allowing yourself to completely let go of all beliefs that have not been serving you well in the past.
Discover wonderful new ways of being able to have your life being he way you want it to be, enjoyable, fun, rewarding, Happy etc.
The Key is to Bring back Happiness in to Your Relationship.


Discover The Keys

To Having Fun, Laughter,

Joy and Happiness

In Your Relationships



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