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Visit Tom Welch, at this site for all of your Neurosemantics trainings that are available on DVD and video, an excellent site for your NLP products. Neurosemantics Practitioner, master Practitioner, Trainers Training, Meta Coaching, Mind Lines

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NLP Pocketbook - Gillian Burn

When I picked up this book I was truly amazed at the simplicity of explaining NLP, that I knew would be attract people who are new to and contemplating what NLP is all about ..........as well as a useful tool for NLP Trainer and practitioners, to sell at trainings and as gifts.
A fantastic book - Congratulations Gillian.

Gillian Burn's NLP Pocketbook is beautiful in its simplicity and at the same time impressively comprehensive. Well organised and easy to read. The NLP pocketbook takes the reader on a pragmatic and useful journey through the best of NLP. It is a wonderful overview and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in NLP. - Robert Dilts, NLP Author, Trainer and co-developer of NLP



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Words That Change MindsBy Shelle Rose Charvet

Despite thousands of books and seminars on the subject, communication continues to be a problem at work, at home, and in the world at large. Why? Because each person has a unique way of processing information. Words That Change Minds provides a solution to communication difficulties because it helps readers identify individual differences in information processing. This book will teach you ways to customize your language for each person you meet. It is the definitive reference on metaprograms, destined to be a classic in NLP literature.

Most NLP practitioners know about metaprograms; personal traits that give us markers for verbally establishing rapport, for pacing another’s map of the world, and for influencing, persuading, motivating, and inspiring others. If you are a novice with metaprograms, Charvet’s book is a good place to start your tutelage. She takes NLP into the mainstream of the workplace, by presenting her material with such a clarity that even those unfamiliar with NLP can become adept at using metaprograms.
Words That Change Minds is the product of Charvet’s work in applying the Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile in organizational consulting and in supervising two masters’ theses on the LAB Profile. Rodger Bailey developed the LAB Profile in the early 1980s as a result of his NLP training. The profile is a tool for eliciting metaprograms: the filters with which we create our models of the world. The metaprogram concept, itself, is one of Leslie Cameron Bandler’s major contributions to NLP. She identified 60 metaprograms that describe the ways individuals interact with the world. Metaprograms are the perceptual patterns with which we delete, distort, sort, and generalize information.

The LAB Profile identifies 14 predominant metaprograms, divided into two types: Motivation Traits and Working Traits
Master your Language of Influence by attending an impacting training,

read more about the 3 day practitioner trainings available now in Australia


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Transforming Your Self: - Becoming Who you Want To be - Steve Andreas


Discover what your identity is made of, how it functions, and how to use this knowledge to change how you think of yourself. Easy-to-follow demonstrations, explanations, and exercises provide surprisingly simple and practical ways to change your experience of who you are and others if you work as a therapist or coach. Learn how to strengthen your sense of self to become more independent of others views, while at the same time becoming more responsive to useful feedback.

$30.00 AUD GST Inclusive plus $10.00 AUD postage

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Mastering Blocking and Stuttering: - A Guide to Achieving Fluency - Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min

Have you ever wondered why most people who block and stutter do not stammer every time they speak? Indeed, most people who stammer are consistently fluent in certain contexts. When by themselves, speaking to a pet or speaking to a person with whom they are comfortable they speak fluently. This has been a puzzle for people who stammer and for speech pathologists for many years.

Now the puzzle has finally been solved by this outstanding new book which details a completely new approach to treating this debilitating condition. Bob Bodenhamer explains that this phenomenon results from the thinking (cognition) of the stutter as he or she associates speaking with a lot of fear and anxiety about blocking. Most blocking is no more than a panic attack expressed in the muscles that control breathing and speaking. This book both explains the structure of blocking and provides the tools for gaining more fluency.

(2004, Crown House Publishers, Wales, UK. (206 Pages)

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Users Manual For The Brain. Volume 1. - by Bobby.G.Bodenhamer. D.Min & L. Michael Hall, Ph.D

The User's Manual for the Brain - The Complete Manual for Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. says concerning this manual, "Dr. Bob Bodenhamer developed this manual for Running Your Own Brain over a seven year period as he taught NLP for Adult Education at Gaston College and conducted NLP Practitioner Certification training. From those practical contexts, he developed this manual to give people new to NLP a clear and understandable presentation.

Reviewers have noted this by saying,  'Readable, practical -- presents the heart and soul of NLP.' Part of what makes this work so readable includes: the 'text boxes' that emphasizes key point, introductions for each chapter, discussion questions at the end of each chapter, an extensive bibliography and glossary, Here you will find NLP sequentially presented so that each section builds on the previous one. With a mixture of presentation, example, thought experiments, case studies, outlines, metaphors, etc. the manual trains both conscious and unconscious minds. For trainers, overhead mats of the material are available.

Cutting-Edge Material: This manual further includes the latest discoveries about submodalities and the Meta-States Model. No other manual anywhere incorporates these two items."


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Users Manual For The Brain. Volume 2. - by Bobby.G.Bodenhamer. D.Min & L. Michael Hall, Ph.D

The User's Manual for the Brain - The Complete Manual for Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Certification
Mastering Systemic NLP

The User's Manual For The Brain Volume II: Mastering Systemic NLP (2003). The User's Manual For The Brain Volume 2 equips practitioners with the essential knowledge needed to become masterful in running their own brains. Following on from Volume 1, the authors introduce some of the newer advancements in the field and invite you to go beyond the Practitioner level and on to the Master's level where you will not only understand NLP, but you will be able to develop the very spirit of NLP. Includes exciting new work on Meta-Programs; Meta-States; Submodalities as well as introducing Advanced Meta-Model Distinctions, Mind-Lines; Advanced Time-Line Patterns and the Meta-Domains Systemic Model. Packed with case studies, seminar demonstrations, discussions and trances, The User's Manual For The Brain Volume 2 will enable the practitioner to develop an attitude and spirit that allows them to apply the NLP Model powerfully. Hardback 465 pages.

"In NLP Master Practitioner courses, trainers take the opportunity to present an overview of their best material to an advanced audience. Part II of The User's Manual for the Brain is one of the few manuals aimed at that public.  Being the most prolific writers and developers currenty active on the NLP scene, Michael Hall and Bobby Bodenhamer have presented a synopsis of their state-of-the-art material in the field of LP and Neuro-Semantics. Not only is this book a goldmine of new techniques and principles, I recommend this book to any NLP practitioner interested in grasping how Michael and Bob are shaping the future." Patrick E.C. Merlevede, M.Sc., - author 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence


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Figuring Out Peopleby L. Michael Hall, Ph.D & Bobby.G.Bodenhamer. D.Min

Reading People using Meta-Programs (2005 second edition)
The first edition of Figuring Out People (1997) set the standard in NLP as an encyclopedia approach to understanding all of the perceptual filters or meta-programs that we use in processing information.  Unlike the few other books that present meta-programs, Figuring Out People didn’t settle for presenting just the more obvious and dominate meta-programs

What’s new in this completely revised second edition of Figuring Out People?  Several things.  There is an entire chapter on the meta-state source of meta-programs.  Meta-programs, as mental-emotional sorting distinctions, arise as meta-states coalesce from mind into body.  Meta-Programs then are former meta-states that have moved from mind into muscle to become our perceptual frames, the very way we “see” the world gives us one way to think about the structure of personality, that is, how we behaviour.

There is a new template of meta-programs with ten new meta-programs to give a total of 60 in Figuring Out People.  There is a chapter relating meta-programs to their place in the Matrix Model.   There are several new change patterns.


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Secrets of Personal Mastery by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D

This book enables you to access your executive levels and taking charge of your mental-emotional programming. In this way you can develop the higher frames of mind that will enable you to control your states, take effective action, access your personal genius, and be at your best. Secrets treats mind as an emergent process of our entire mind-body-emotion system. This leads to one of the secrets: it’s not what we think that controls our destiny and experiences, but how we think—our frames of mind.

(2000, Crown House Publishers, Paperback, 224 pages)

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Source Book of Magic - by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D with Barbara P Belmap MSW

A Comprehensive Guide to the Technology of NLP. (1999) 

The Sourcebook of Magic offers an encyclopaedic resource of all of the central patterns of magic in NLP.  Originally entitled How To Do What When, the work presents a basic description of NLP as a Model and then how to use NLP as a system.  77 Patterns are presented under 8 categories: Basic Patterns, Patterns for Incongruity, Patterns for Identity & Self, Patterns for Neuro-Linguistic States, Patterns for Languaging and Re-languaging, Paterns for Thinking Styles, Patterns for Meanings, and Patterns for Strategies.

As the field and domain of NLP has grown, so has its technology of change patterns for quality management of mind-emotions, language skills, and behaviors.  This book offers a way to sort through the many sub-models and offers a way to think about the entire field as a system.  Now available through E.T. Publications from Crown House Publications.  (Paperback, 310 Pages)  

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Games for Mastering Fear by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D with Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min

This book gives you all the tools you need for taking charge of your life, your emotions, your choices, and your fears. The Fear Mastery Games in this book are based on the Meta-States Model of Neuro-Semantics and represents one book in the Frame Games series providing a user-friendly version of a new cutting-edge psychology. Read this book and "run your own brain".


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Universal Love

Oracle Cards: This deck may help bring clarity to specific questions. Think of your question, then draw a card and see what the oracle has to tell you.
The guide book offers interpretations.

But pay particular attention to images, because they are able to convey what words cannot express.
Deck includes 45 cards and 54 page guide book.


Price: $39.95 AUD GST Inclusive - plus $5.00 AUD postage
NOW $24.95 AUD GST Inclusive
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Spirit Oracle Cards

Deck includes 54 cards.


Price: $39.95 AUD GST Inclusive - plus $5.00 AUD postage
NOW $24.95 AUD GST Inclusive
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